5 Steps To Make Your Blog Awesome

Blogging is awesome and the bloggers who do this are also awesome because they are far way better and innovative than normal people. Writing a blog is not that easy for everyone to do but in order to overcome your need to be unique and has to unleash your blogging skills in you. Here am providing some steps to make your blog awesome.

Make your own website blog with unique ideas. Blogging ideas are to be innovative and unique which differ from the other bloggers, starting from the website design to the content of the website, everything must be unique.

A Blog with an attractive and unique design helps in giving you effective results for the bloggers. Like every person has a unique appearance, every blog has a unique appearance. Appearance in the sensed form of design, content, and elements on the blog. Everyone can easily distinguish between a well-maintained Blog and that of by a newbie.

In order to enhance the appearance of Blog and to make an impression on the visitor to come back on to the blog, there are many things to keep in mind while creating a blog site. The following are some of the tips to make Blog look awesome and attract Readers.

5 Steps To Make Your Blog Awesome

1.Blog Design

When comes to the design of the blog, it plays a crucial role in attracting the readers to visit again and again. By using themes to the blog we can make a blog look attractive but we should also select a theme that is suitable for Opt-in form placements and any other information we looking to post.

For an attractive design, the following plays a key role on the blog.

  • Themes

WordPress Blog comes with lots of featured themes available online. There are free and paid themes available on the site. Based on category we have to choose our themes. We can go for free themes also but they don’t support most of the options.

  • Speed of Loading

A blog that opens very fast is the reader mostly interested in. If the blog takes time for loading the reader may be interested to wait for the blog to load. So measures are to be taken for making blog loading very fast.

  • Typography

Blog with tiny font may not be good looking for reading and font should also be easily understandable. Use of different fonts may not be good on blogs. Use an attractive font with the appropriate size.

  • Social Media Icons

If you want to connect to any visitor outside the blog social media icons play a crucial. By placing them readers may connect or contact us through social media so that we can make them visit again or share their thought with us. There must be a social media subscription option.

2.Content On The Blog

Content plays a major role on the blog. Readable content is the king of the blog. If people love to read the content then there is nothing more attractive and effective than that. In order make the content more attractive the following should be kept in mind.

  • Titles

The title of the content what makes the reader read the content. So one must use unique and attractive titles for the content.

  • Call To Action

Without using a call to action button to your readers at the end of the post, you can’t get comments. If you want more comments, then ask them to comment or ask them what did they really like about the post. It would be always a great idea to end your posts by saying ‘Over to you’ or ‘Your turn’ etc terms, this can help your readers to act.

  • Using Quality Images

Using images that are downloaded from the Google may be copyrighted and cannot be used on the blog. There are many other images providing sites with no watermark on the images. Use those images for effectiveness.

3.Make Blog A Learning Spot

The design of the website and content on the website makes most of the websites successful. Success may not come by posting an article daily on the blog but coming with interesting and innovative ideas that make the blog success.

  • Interact with readers

Interaction with readers is the reason what makes blog success and earn money through the blog. Blogger has to be in regular interaction with the readers, asking them with views and comments.

If you want to build a better blog build thriving audience first. The best way to do this is: responding to the comments. Respond to at least those who really need help. This shows that you are interested in solving their problems and it creates a great impact on your blog in the long run.

4.Email Opt-in Placement

The Best way to grow blog quickly is by building an Email list to the blog. When it comes to building Email list there are different ways to do that.

  • It may be by doing Guest posting using Email Id on other blogs
  • By providing an option to sign in and Subscriptions on the blog.
  • Placing an Opt-in form on the blog.

We can prepare a list of emails and get in touch with them. But the placement of Opt-in form is very important when comes to attract the readers.

The placement of Opt-in form is very important. Here are the best places for an Opt-in form

  • Above The Fold

Above the fold is the most visible place when someone first visits your blog. If you provide it with actionable tips or a freebie, you can definitely create a rapid growing list for your blog.

  • Top Of The Side Bar

This is the best place to use email Opt-in form. Besides using above the fold placement we can use this because when someone clicks a post the Top of the sidebar comes in handy while ready the article they can go for subscription or sign in.

  • Below The Post

When someone really likes the post they can go for subscription or go for a review, during that time below the post-Opt-in placement comes in handy. This is the best way to build an email list for the blog.

5.No Over Ads

Nowadays many blogs have many ads popping up on the page, this makes the blog look gibberish. This is seen in newly built blogs. What is the use if there is no traffic and there are lot of ads displaying all over. This makes blog ugly and it takes lot time for loading and makes the blog very slow. This is not good for any blog for over displaying of ads. It shows the effect on the loading time of the site.

So block the unwanted ads on the blog and promote on right thing for better blogging.

Overall what makes the blog look awesome and attractive is the design and the content of the blog with interesting and innovative ideas. A newbie or a professional what makes successful is a good looking and awesome blog.

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