How To Add Recent Tweets Widget To Your Website

Twitter is one of the most powerful and highly influential social networking tools for connecting to people all over the world. We regularly use Twitter to interact with our friends and help other users. Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow other users and tweet on multiple platforms and devices. To connect socially and improve visitors to your website add recent tweets widgets to your website to increase followers.

Nowadays everyone person is using Twitter. Every Twitter user likes to connect and tweet and retweet with their friends and follow another Twitter user to increase their social presence. They can post images and like the images of other users. Twitter is used to connect people with same interests. As the Twitter homepage suggests the social platform can be used to connect with your friends.

Using Twitter widgets on blogs and website increase the strength of the blog and also helps in active presence of the website in social networks to join discussions and also to increase the followers. In order to do this, we need to go to twitter widgets page.

How to add recent tweets widget to your website

To add recent tweets widget to your website the first thing you need is to go to Twitter widgets page.  If you are an already user, log in to the Twitter account, it will directly navigate to the widget area. Otherwise, you need to log in with your Twitter account. After login to the widget area,  next click on create a new button.

Configure Twitter Widget

You can configure your twitter widget. You have to adjust height, link color of it. Suppose if you do not adjust the widget it will automatically set to default values in your Twitter. You can also change this theme to either a light color or dark color and adjust link to theme color.

Once if you have done with the theme customization you have to click on create widget button. After then you will get a small snippet code at the bottom. If you did not get any snippet code your processes are not correct. Try the process again so that you can see the snippet code. After that copy that code.

Apply The Snippet Code

Now go to word press admin dashboard > > appearance > > widgets > > drag text widget to sidebar to required position. And you must add widget title and finally, you have to paste the copied code into the body of the text widget. Finally, click the Save button.


How To Add Recent Tweets Widget To Your Website

That’s all refresh the website and now you will get the recent tweets widget to your website. You can add this twitter widget within the page also. For this, you need to just copy and paste the code wherever required to you. In this twitter page not only allows you to create a timeline of your recent tweets

How To Manually Embed Your Tweets Into Your Posts: 

You can embed a single tweet manually into posts and pages.  The single tweet includes the complete all Twitter functionality.  And next click name, tweet, time it was tweeted and follow button, reply, retweet, and favorite

It’s easy to do. You want to go to the specific tweet first copy the URL and quickly paste it into your post or page on its own line. Word press automatically does the rest for you. Another option is to select the more tab on the tweet you want to embed. After select embed tweet. Next copy and paste the code into your text editor or in a text widget.

The result looks must nice, but it only brings in a single tweet. It’s not the same as bringing in a Twitter feed. In order to show all of your tweets, you would have to paste in every new tweet. If you want to show every tweet, a better option is to bring in your feed. A feed will show all of the new tweets

Twitter user widget: 

Twitter users can create their widget using twitter’s official widget tool. You can choose any feed you want by typing in the username. You can set it to show replies and auto expand photos. Next, select the height of the widget.

And choose a light or dark theme and a link color. As you go through the configuration it will show you a preview so you can make changes before saving the widget. You can create five different types of widget for the timeline.

One for list one for search and another one collection. First, you have to select create a widget and copy and paste the HTML code into a text widget in your sidebar, footer or another widget ready location on your word press website.

The widget will show a link to the feeds on Twitter, a follow button username with the link to the twitter account, tweet timestamp, replay, rewet,  favorite and tweet to a button. You can use this tool to create as many twitter widget as you want

Twitter Uses: 

Twitter is used to connect people with the same interests. As the Twitter homepages suggest the social platform can be used to connect with your friends and other fascinating people. Get in the moments updates on the things that interest you.

This process of connecting people who are complete strangers can be done with the use of hashtags. Users can even use a website to find topics that interest them.

Twitter Uses in Marketing Business: 

Twitter can use different ways. First, consider web – only business that generates revenue solely through advertisements. These properties can tweet about the content they provide or activities they are involved in to drive more traffic to their website. Ultimately generating more revenue for them.

Other companies including business to business or business to consumer can spread its content or product information through Twitter in the same way

Adding A Twitter Feed To Your Site: 

Twitters embedded timeline feature enables you to show website visitors some recent twitter update from you. You can choose to display your own tweets your favorites, Twitter lists, or any search query or hashtag. It also allows your visitors to reply retweet and favorite tweets directly from your page.

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